Avery Lewis chips a shot on to the green during a practice round earlier in the season.

The Louise Lady Hornets golf team will compete at the State Golf tournament this Monday and Tuesday at the Roy Kizer Golf Course in Austin.

Leading up to the State tournament the team was able to play the golf course in Edna a few times, but Thursday, their final practice was back on the practice football field, as Coach Joe Bill was able to catch the girls in between activities at the school.

“I think they are really, really excited about going (to State),” Bill said. “(We’re going) to able to play at a different course and extend the season.”

The team will play as much of the course as they can on Sunday and will use the time to scout out the full 18-holes to prepare them for the following day. Each morning at Regionals, Bill took the girls to a different golf course to take swings and warm up before the tournament.

“We got up and we went out and hit balls and I think that was the deciding factor. I think it gave us an advantage,” Bill said.

This time around they’ll be able to do the same but they won’t have to trek back and forth between Golf Courses. Roy Kizer Golf Course has a hitting range that Bill plans on the Lady Hornets using to get ready for the upcoming day.

Early in the season, a trip to State might have seemed like a long shot. However, the Lady Hornets are there and now one of the 12 best 2A teams in the State.

“For us to get where we’re at who would have ever thought Louise would have won the District championship. Who in the world would have thought we’d get third (at Regionals) and go to Austin, except for us,” Bill said. “The ultimate goal is to make it to State and hey we’ve made it.”

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