It was upset city in college football and pro football yet Gary Kemberling of El Campo, navigated waters like George Washington crossing the Delaware River getting 14 right games, by far and away winning the contest in week nine.

Kemberling was a Virginia Tech and Panthers pick away from perfection.

Kudos to Kemberling and his crystal ball, on Halloween weekend no less.

Kenny Stinson of El Campo took second place with 12 right games picked in the contest.

A number of scorecards had 10 right guesses. However, Anthony Gerla, J.C. Franz, David Miculka, Renay Williams and John Paul Appling, all of El Campo, along with John Matthew Hines of Houston, tied with 11 correct games, locked horns for the final spot in the contest.

For the second time in the past three weeks, El Campo and an opponent combined to score more than 100 points. Yet, not many, well really any, takers on points near or over 100 in the first tiebreaker.

El Campo and West Columbia put points on the scoreboard to the tune of 105 points. Appling, Franz and Gerla saw defensive battles with guesses under 70 points (humor intended). Miculka edge out Hines by two points with a guess of 77 points. However, Williams caught the long touchdown pass and sprinted into the end zone with a score of 86, locking up third place.

Thanks for taking part in the week nine contest. As always, if you are reading these words, first thanks and second, you can enter the football contest too. Just fill out the scorecard below and get it to us before quitting time on Friday.

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