Most Valuable Birds

Bottom row: (l-r): Celeste Herrera,  Adrianna Argote and Olivia Ermis. Middle row: (l-r):  Tyler Stephenson, Tanner Oldag, Charles Shorter, Leslie Herrera, Bryn Rod, Karysn Russell and Breanna Perez. Top row (l-r):  Blaine Bullard, Devon Earls, Philip Hundl, Natalia Terrell, Clay Jung, Camryn Jansky and Gage Garner.

El Campo Ricebird coaches, student athletes and family gathered for a night of food, smiles, laughs, tears and, accolades, at the El Campo Civic Center Wednesday night.

At the El Campo All-Sports Banquet every coach on each team gets a chance to highlight their past season and hand out the Fighting Heart and MVP awards, both voted on solely by the players of each team. 

The booster club gave away over $22,000 in scholarships, in the form of 45, $500 scholarships to Ricebird seniors at the end of the night.

Sophomore Breanna Perez won three awards in two different sports. Perez was the MVP of girls track and cross country, she also won the Cross Country Fighting Heart. The Ricebirds had multiple student-athletes win two different awards. Senior Aubree Matthews won the Fighting Heart in two different sports, basketball and softball. Sophomore Charles Shorter in football won the offensive MVP and the offensive back MVP. Two juniors won MVPs in two different sports, Bryn Rod in volleyball and golf and Clay Jung in baseball and also was the football defensive MVP. Sophomore Gage Garner who both the Fighting Heart and the MVP in boys swimming. Junior Maddie Dewey rounded out El Campo’s double winners, picking up the Fighting Heart in volleyball and cross country.

The banquet had a few touching moments, girls Coach Gabe Villarreal teared up while reading off all the many accomplishments his team compiled throughout the season. Athletic Trainer Robert “Doc” Easter became emotional when the student trainers were honored and he hugged his daughter, McKenzie Easter, a senior trainer. Cheer coach Pam Hunt fought back tears when she announced this upcoming season would be her last.

It wasn’t all tears and sadness, as many coaches wished their seniors luck in the future ahead. Boys soccer Coach Eillott Babcock shared a few funny moments from his season. Including one about the only student manager that survived and stuck around all season.

“(Valorie Montoya) is the type of person that never has to be asked to do anything. Matter of fact I never asked her to be the manager,” Babcock said. “No joke, the first day of practice, I’m getting everything ready, I’m nervous and three girls walk up and say we’re your managers. I said, ‘Sounds good.’ The rest is history, she’s the only one that made it, the other two quit.”

The story by Babcock led to loud applause from the audience and a big smile from Montoya.

At the banquet, the high school also took time to honor the Little League’s senior challenger league and the Ricebird booster club.

With full plates of chicken fried steak, buttered potatoes, green beans and a glass of sweet tea, the families and students listened as each head coach took the podium to fill people in on athletes they’d coached.

Those Recognized:


Seniors: Kiara Romo (Head Cheerleader), Skylar Hallinger, Taylor King, Ashley Lilie and Emily Wilson.

Juniors: Ajalar Lacour, Arana Rodriquez, Skylar Bartosh, Bre Berry (Rickey Ricebird), Cassidy Crowell, Brianna Dorotik, Madeline Rod and Delilah Venezuela.

Sophomores: Julia Foegelle, Megan Foegelle, Karina Canales and Makenzie Cortez.

Freshmen: Alexia Alcalais and Madisyn Cortez.

All-State cheerleaders: Skylar Bartosh, Brianna Dortik, Julia and Megan Foegelle.


Season record 3-7

District record 1-5

“The season didn’t turn out quite the way we planned at the beginning of the year. But the one thing I’ll say about these young men is they never gave up and they gave tremendous effort,” Head Coach Wayne Condra said. 

Seniors: Oscar Acevedo, Jason Foster, Lynn Osina, Paul Garcia, Levon Pena, Felix Perez, James Anderson, Cayden Balcar, Gabriel Balderas, Bronson Harfst, Jorge Hernandez, Luis Hernadez, Blake Hogan, Donavan Hollaway, Darrell Jackson, Anthony Janke, Reed Nielsen, Fabian Nunez, Cameron Olvera, Terroth Faniel, Dontrell Dove, Montray Davis, Je’Veon Cunningham and Anthony Catete. 

Juniors: Javien Williams, Conner Williams, Edmund Weinheimer, Matthew Van Gorp, Rance Thorton, Wayne Svatek, Cole Riha, Colton Pietsch, Tanner Oldag, Joshua Mendoza, Clay Jung, Philip Hundl, Jonathan Gonzalez, Devon Earls, Cade DuBroc, J’Tren Dorsey, Gruffen Croiz, Dontavian Bluntson and Dario Alcala.

Sophomores: Kaden Alcalais, Tyler Baklik, Cullen Braden, Charles Shorter and Nathan Willis. 

Freshmen: Juan Leal. 

Fighting Heart: James Anderson

Offensive MVP: Charles Shorter

Defensive MVP: Clay Jung

Offensive line MVP: Devon Earls

Offensive back MVP: Charles Shorter

Defensive line MVP: Javien Williams


Third place finish in District and lost to Bellville in the first-round of the playoffs.

“As many of you know, we were and still are in a very tough District with Needville and Fulshear playing each other in the Regional Finals. Just goes to show you the competition we are up against,” coach Rhonda Morales said. “I do see us being more competitive this season and I see a lot of growth for this team.” 

Seniors: Mallory Morales, Abbie Farrar, Tori Triska and Te’Asia Cooks.

Juniors: Skylar Bartosh, Cassidy Crowell, Bryn Rod, Madeline Rod, Megan Rek, Maddison Dewey, Kenedy Couvillion and Emilie Bodudgen. 

Sophomores: Mackenzie Matlock, Madisyn Matlock, Jackie Nichols and Georgia Priesmeyer.

Freshmen: Ella Jenkins

Fighting Heart: Georgia Priesmeyer and Maddison Dewey

MVP: Bryn Rod

Boys basketball

Finished District 0-12.

“Our goals coming into the basketball season was very simple, control what you can control,” coach David Wicke said. “That means come in every day with great effort. Come in with a great attitude and be a great teammate, all things we have the ability to take care of each and every day. I think we had a fair amount of successes in these three areas and we continued to work hard throughout the year.” 

Seniors: Darrell Jackson and Will Swenson.

Juniors: Griffen Croix, Philip Hundl and Tanner Oldag.

Sophomores: Cullen Braden, Charles Shorter, Reagan Spenrath, Trayton Vaclavik and Rey Villareal. 

Freshmen: Isaiah Anderson.

Fighting Heart: Darrell Jackson

MVP: Tanner Oldag

Girls basketball

Season record 32-3, finished the year as undefeated District champions with a 12-0 record. Went three rounds deep in the playoffs, lost to Burnet who made it to the State semi-finals. 

Seniors: Keiondra Caesar, Aubree Matthews, Ca’Terra Wilkins, Sarah Singleton and Natalia Terrell.

Sophomores: Loralee Fitts, Tia Hearse, Jackie Nichols, Mya Shorter and Alanah Terrell.

Freshmen: Alyssa Mendez.

Fighting Heart: Aubree Matthews

MVP: Natalia Terrell

Girls soccer

Did not make the playoffs

“Overall we had an enjoyable season,” Coach Wesley Condra said. “I admire these girls because we may not have success as people see it on the scoreboard, these girls know true success.”

Seniors: Adrianna Argote, Celeste Herrera, Stephanie Martinez, Leslie Rangel and Erika Rosales. 

Juniors: Maria Enriquez, Brisenia Flores, Leslie Herrera and Melanie Martinez. 

Sophomore: Yanira Cardona, Maria Cruz, Sarah Guevara, Laren Longoria, Alex Olguin, Jann Rangel and Valeria Rojas.

Freshmen: Kayla DeLeon, Tatum Escobar, Alyssa Saldana, Elexus Padron and Valeria Mendoza.

Fighting Heart: Valeria Rojas

Defensive MVP: Celeste Herrera

Offensive MVP: Leslie Herrera

Team MVP: Adrianna Argote

District Awards

First team: Adrianna Argote

Second team: Leslie Herrera

Honorable mention: Valeria Mendoza, Yanira Cardona, Valeria Rojas, Maria Enriquez, Celeste Herrera and Erika Rosales.

Boys soccer

Did not make the playoffs.

“We had a season of ups and downs. Big wins and bad losses,” Babcock said. “We got banged up along the way. We didn’t get fully healthy until the second round of District. We were able to scratch back into contention.” 

Seniors: Edward Acosta, Anthony Catete, Jorge Hernandez and Wesley Schulz.

Juniors: Oscar Acosta, Arturo Esquivel, Emanuel Hernandez, Leo Lopez, Juan Luciano, Sebastian Torres and Nicholas Moreno.

Sophomore: Gabriel Reyes and Michael Reyna.

Freshmen: Jose Becerra, Emanuel Castillo, Angel Chavez, Eduardo Garcia, Javier Medellin, Caiden Schulz, Christian Sanchez, Jose Rodriguez and Sirapong Muanpet.

Fighting Heart: Wesley Schulz

MVP: Edward Acosta

District Awards

Utility Player of the Year: Edward Acosta

First team: Anthony Catete

Honorable Mention: Sirapong Muanpet, Gabriel Reyes, Michael Reyna

Girls golf

Made the Regional tournament.

“The girls had a solid season, some ups and downs. El Campo finished second at a tightly contested District tournament and advanced to Regionals as a team,” coach Derek Treybig said. “At Regionals (they) dropped more than 60 strokes per day, which is a lot and it’s very impressive.”

Seniors: McKenzie Easter and Mallory Morales.

Juniors: Bailey Pasak and Bryn Rod.

Freshmen: Carli Bullard, Madisyn Cortez, Darby Lutrick and Meredith Radley.

Fighting Heart: Darby Lutrick

MVP: Bryn Rod

Boys golf

Sent an individual golfer to Regionals.

“The team had a solid season this year, several top-three finishes as a team,” coach Derek Treybig said. “Unfortunately we fell short of District by a few strokes and we did not advance to Regionals. Blaine (Bullard) was the only representative for us.”

Seniors: Will Swenson, Blaine Bullard and Lynn Osina.

Juniors: Noah Maher.

Sophomores: Zach Socha. 

Fighting Heart: Will Swenson and Lynn Osina

MVP: Blaine Bullard

Boys swimming

Advanced to Regionals.

Seniors: Bronson Harfst, Tony Janke and Kane Ondrias.

Juniors: Conner Williams and Mason Fuechec.

Sophomores: Gage Garner and Jake Gwosdz.

Freshmen: Reid Williams and David Vallejo.

Fighting Heart: Gage Garner

MVP: Gage Garner

Girls swimming

Won the District championship and advanced to Regionals.

The 200-meter medley relay team (Camryn Jansky in the backstroke, Cailyn McComb in the breaststroke, Kendall Beal in the butterfly Sydney Slattery in the freestyle) was named an All-State team.

Seniors: Ashley Lilie, Cailyn McComb, Kiara Romo, Sydney Slattery and Emily Wilson.

Juniors: Camryn Jansky and Morgan Pierce.

Sophomores: Grace Evans, Belen Gomez, Sophie Kluesener, Madisyn Molina and Riley Respondek.

Freshmen: Alex You and Kendall Beal.

Fighting Heart: Grace Evans

MVP: Camryn Jansky


Finished with an overall record of 19-8. They ended the year second in District with a 10-2 record and went two rounds deep in the playoffs.

Seniors: Petyon Stock, Malorie Solis, Karsyn Russell, Madisyn Montalvo, Aubree Matthews, Ashley Lilie, Reagan David and Kinley Bubela.

Juniors: Raven Contreras and Mackenzie Leach.

Sophomores: Madisyn Matlock, Mackenzie Matlock and Allyson Rioux.

Freshmen: Jaleena Macias.

Fighting Heart: Aubree Matthews

MVP: Karsyn Russell


Overall record of 21-10. The team finished third in District going 8-4, they took Caldwell to three games in the first round of the playoffs. 

“Seven of the 10 losses did come from teams who finished in the top 25 in the State,” coach Russell Krenek said. “I’m very proud to coach this group of young men. (We) had a lot of fun this year. Practices were enjoyable. Games were fun and these guys are going to be remembered for a long time.”

Seniors: Sabastian Wilson, Oscar Acevedo, Rowdy Wilson, Zach Bourgeois, Lynn Osina, Blaine Bullard and Bronson Harfst.

Juniors: Seth Estrada, Clay Jung, Tyler Stephenson and Wayne Svatek.

Sophomores: Tyler Baklik and Seth Hallinger.

Fighting Heart: Wayne Svatek

MVP: Clay Jung


Sent four to the Regional tournament.

“This team did a great job representing (El Campo),” coach Alfred Pavlu said. “They really grew all year and achieved a lot through fall and spring season.”

Seniors: Colby Cerney, Kirby Chambers and Hannah McCord.

Juniors: Blaine Cobb, Ryan Garcia, Gage Rubesh, Tyler Stephenson, Olivia Ermis and Jessika Schultz.

Sophomores: Joshua Holder, Austin Viktorin, Carli Rawlinson and Kayleigh Gardner.

Freshmen: Emma Rodriguez, Kolin Cerny, Owen Lyford, Devyn Rubesh.


Boys Fighting Heart: Colby Cerney

Girls Fighting Heart: Jessika Schultz

Boys MVP: Tyler Stephenson

Girls MVP: Olivia Ermis

Cross Country

Qualified for Regionals for the fifth straight year.

Seniors: Sierra Rodriquez, Celeste Herrera and Christian Castillo.

Juniors: Maddi Dewey and Leslie Herrera.

Sophomores: Lizbeth Hernandez and Breanna Perez.

Freshmen: Makayla Vasquez and Dharma Sabsula.

Fighting Heart: Christian Castillo, Maddi Dewey and Sierra Rodriquez.

MVP: Breanna Perez

Girls track

Qualified six for the Regional meet, one is moving on to State. 

Seniors: Ca’Terra Wilkins and Keiondra Caesar.

Juniors: Madeline Rod, Natalie Lucas, E’Lisha Lindsey and Leslie Herrera.

Sophomores: Breanna Perez, Jackie Nichols, Kierra North, Ebrashia Lindsey, Ja’Mesha Jones, Tia Hearse and Rheanna Eide.

Freshmen: Valerie Mendoza, Alexia Alcalais, Makayla Vasquez and Dharma Sabrsula.

Fighting Heart: Breanna Perez

MVP: Breanna Perez

Boys track

Two events qualified for State.

Seniors: Jayden Wilson, Cameron Olvera, Darrell Jackson and Christian Castillo.

Juniors: Juan Cruz Candela, Cade DuBroc, Philip Hundl, Isaiah Miller, Colton Pietsch, Cole Riha and Rnace Thornton. 

Sophomores: Deshard Owens, Charles Shorter, Paul Osore, Jesus Fortanelli, Andrew DeLeon and Oziel Alanis.

Fighting Heart: Oziel Alanis

MVP: Philip Hundl

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