Louise Hornets runners Monday morning will be competing at the district cross-country meet in Shiner. This year the Hornets have their eye on a big prize, the district championship.

“We’ve been coming out and placing top three against big schools (in our previous races),” junior Javier Olvera said. “We’ll be ready for district. We’ve been pushing hard these last few weeks.”

While the team advanced to regionals last year, they did it with everyone running together for the first time at the district meet. Louise’s cross country team this season has actually been able to practice together and make all the meets.

“Our times are decreasing a lot, they’re going down quite a bit,” Olvera said. “We’re getting close to (peaking) we’re almost there, but not there yet.”

The Hornets will go into the district meet knowing everything about the course after already having two events there this season. They also know that if they want the gold medal it will likely take them shaving seconds off their time as a team.

“Right now we’re like six points behind. Our fourth and fifth runners are like 30-seconds behind their target for where they need to be,” Louise Coach Salvador Hernandez Sr. said. “That’s not a lot in long-distance running. We’re very, very close, it’s very competitive right now.”

Getting ready for the district race, the Hornets run five miles in the morning and two more in the afternoon. While they do know the course well, they’ve added running over the U.S. 59 overpass, which is a simulation of the finish to the Shiner race which is up a 45-degree hill, helping them prepare better.

El Campo

The El Campo Ricebirds and Ladybirds cross country team will be running at the district at Brookshire Royal on Monday.  El Campo last year advanced to the Regional meet.

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