Ladybird/Ricebird basketball

Both the El Campo Ricebirds and Ladybirds have had to deal with COVID moving their games around this season.

El Campo Ladybirds and the Ricebirds basketball  joined a growing number of schools across the area and state who’ve had their seasons complicated because of COVID-19.

The Ladybirds basketball program experienced its first shutdown of the season last week. Following a close contact and a COVID-19 case in the girls basketball program, their game against Royal was rescheduled, and the girls were sidelined for 10 days. With their quarantine over and everyone healthy, the Ladybirds basketball program returned to practice Saturday.

The rest of the Ladybirds’ schedule has been moved around to fit in all games before certification and the playoffs. El Campo will now need to play three games a week for the next three weeks.

“We’re not the only team having to be off, it’s happening everywhere,” Ladybirds coach Denise Anderson said. “I don’t see (the schedule) being a problem. They practiced hard Saturday, Monday and (Tuesday). Nobody wants to pause and sit out a week, but during this time right now, it is what it is.”

The Ladybirds are 0-1 in district play, tonight at 6 p.m. they will play Brookshire Royal in Ricebird Gym and on Friday they’ll play Navasota on the road at 6:15 p.m.

The Ricebirds varsity team, after picking up their first district win of the season against Bellville last Tuesday, had their season paused for two games. Unlike the girls, the boys had to delay their season because of other team’s COVID-19 concerns. El Campo was supposed to play Wharton Friday and Sealy Tuesday but both schools needed to rescheduled.

“When you keep having cancellations and games moved it’s hard on the kids, they get frustrated and disappointed,” Ricebirds coach Kevin Lewis said. “As a coach, you’ve got to keep the kids focused and locked in and that’s a tough task. But I feel like if we can be mentally tough during these times, when we really need to be tough during a game, we’ll have that toughness.”

The Ricebirds have continued to practice. To fit in the makeup games, they’ll now play four games in seven days with three of the teams traveling to Ricebird Gym.

Tomorrow they’ll play Wharton on the road at 6 p.m. Their next three games will be at Ricebird Gym, starting with Navasota on Friday at 7:30 p.m., Sealy on Monday at 7 p.m., and Brookshire Royal on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

El Campo

Middle School

Along with the high school, the middle school has had COVID-19 impact their basketball season. The seventh-grade boys needed to shut down for 10 days. This week, the seventh-grade boys’ team got back on to the court and resumed their season.

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