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At the Powerfest meet earlier this year, Cody Knebel gets ready to lower the bar on his second attempt of on his 848 pound squat. This was his first meet at a new,  lower weight class. 


Former Louise graduate and current Boling resident Cody Knebel is hungry and, no it’s not for protein shakes or anything like that. Knebel, a powerlifting world record holder who calls Wharton County home, is in search of new challenges.

Knebel in 2017 at Mr. Olympia, set world records in the bench press with a 722-pound lift and squat with 964.50-pounds. Knebel also set the total record, lifting a combined 2,436.10 pounds (a typical cow weights 1,500). All records still stand today in the IPL (International Powerlifting League).

Having conquered everything he wanted as a powerlifter in the 275 weight class, the former Louise graduate has his sights set on new records at a new weight class.

“I’ve done and achieved what I needed to at (275) so now I’ve gone to 242 to do the same there,” Knebel said.

At the Powerfest Meet in Kingwood earlier in the year, Knebal qualified for Mr. Olympia which will take place in Las Vegas in September at the 242 weight class.  In Kingwood, Knebel reset a national squat record with a lift of 848.7 pounds. The record had stood since 2012. Of the 83 people who competed in the Powerfest Meet, Knebel also had the highest total lifted with 2,110.9 pounds.

“I’m definitely on my way to removing that IPL world record at 242 right now,” Knebel said.

Despite being in a smaller weight class Knebel was only 325.2 pounds total lifted away from the numbers he had in the 272-pound weight class he had back in 2017.

To get ready for this new weight class, Knebel started losing weight last year which has given his body time to adjust to the heavy weights he’d be lifting.

“You could say, I lost more fat then I did muscle,” Knebel said. “It just helps everything.”

Currently Knebel lifts five days a week doing reps from four to eight. When September starts approaching, the reps start getting smaller going down from four to one which helps build his central nervous system.

“I already have the power there,” Knebel said. “Without building the central nervous system your power is not ever going to achieve what it can.”

With his sights clearly locked at being a multi-weight class world record holder, the former Louise man could go down even farther to grab even more if everything works out well at the Mr. Olympia meet.

While Knebel has the records at 272 and could get more in 242 and below if someone ever does best his records, he still will be able to add weight to try and re-win any records lost.

Knebel never won the State powerlifting meet while in High School at Louise, but that hasn’t slowed his passion and he’s done quite well representing Wharton County.

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