COVID-19 is still lingering and the Louise Hornets found that out first hand with four coaches contracting the virus this past week, forcing Athletic Director Joe Bill to suspend practices out of precaution.

“We just kind of took it upon ourselves,” Bill told the Leader-News. “There was a possibility there might have been some exposure with close contact and we just wanted to take precaution rather than have it (possibly spread). We just decided to take the rest of the week off. Thinking if anyone possibly got exposed, they would probably become ill within those four-five days.”

There are 130 estimated active cases of COVID-19 inside Wharton County, according to the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

By shutting down for the week, volleyball lost a multiteam scrimmage they were going to today in Boling. Football will not have full contact Monday when they restart because they have completed the five acclimation period days. Louise needs to complete three days of pads before having full contact on Thursday, with their first scrimmage coming Friday.

Teams across the area will have had a week of full contact before their first scrimmage.

The four coaches who have been quarantining are doing well. No athletes or other coaches have come down with symptoms, to Bill’s knowledge.

Right now, Bill is unsure if the coaches will return on Monday.

Between football and volleyball, Louise has eight varsity coaches.

Outside of reporting cases of COVID-19, the UIL does not have guidance on handling outbreaks this season.

Louise had their first football game canceled last season due to a member of the Danbury football team contracting COVID-19.

The pause stops what was, two good days of practice for Louise.

“We had good numbers,” Bill said. “We’re learning something new on defense putting in a new system, our offense is the same as in the past and they picked up everything pretty quick. They stepped in there and did a really good job.”

As of now, Louise is still scheduled to scrimmage High Island Friday night at home.

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