The Argote family surrounds Ladybird senior Adrianna Argote as she signs to play for Paris Junior College. Pictured front row (l-r) Maria Argote, Adrianna Argote and Elizabeth Rodriguez Argote. Middle row (l-r) Lizette Argote, Yvette Argote, Lizbeth Argote, Lisa Argote and Lisbeth Argote. Back row (l-r) Javier Argote, Mario Rodriguez and Miguel Argote. 


El Campo senior Ladybird soccer player Adrianna Argote signed her national letter of intent Monday afternoon to continue her athletic career at Paris Junior College, in Paris, Texas.

Argote signing to play soccer in college is a believed first in girl’s program history, according to Atheltic Director Wayne Condra.

“Being the first one to commit, that’s a lot of pressure,” Argote said with tears in her eyes. “People have told me I’m good, but compared to other people, ‘I’m like wow, I can’t believe this actually happened for me too,’ When famous people say dreams do come true, they aren’t lying about it.”

Surrounded by her teammates, most doning the yellow and green of Paris, with the name Nano - her nickname, on the back. The Ladybird senior put the pen to paper marking the start of a new journey.

Getting noticed for Argote was a little harder than most other people.

In the four seasons she played with the Ladybirds, they never made the playoffs and she doesn’t play club soccer in the offseason like a lot of her peers.

Instead of teams seeking her out, she had to do the work. With encouragement from her older sister Elizabeth Rodriguez, who told her to follow her soccer dreams, the Ladybird senior attended a Paris College tryout. Afterward, the coaches told Argote to be more selfish when she had the ball and score instead of passing it off. They still wanted to keep in contact with her, but she wasn’t confident that something was going to come from the tryouts.

However, an email did come, Paris wanted her to join the program and without hesitation, she agreed.

“I felt numb, that I even got the opportunity,” Argote said. “I didn’t even know how to feel.”

The scholarship offer highlighted all the hard work and growth she made in her high school career.

“Freshmen Adrianna didn’t think she was going to make it to this point,” Argote said.

After spending the first part of her freshman season on the bench, she then began to play. She started as a defender, but was later moved to a forward and each year she got better and better. The summer in between her sophomore and junior season, she started to take the game a lot more seriously, running every morning, doing drills in her backyard in the heat.

“The work really showed,” Argote said. “I turned it up a lot.”

In her junior and senior season, Wes Condra was in charge of the Ladybird soccer program. Quickly Condra saw that Argote was a special player.

“She’s got some amazing skills out there on the field,” Condra said. “She would do things where she would see something that other girls weren’t advanced enough to see, the passes she would make, the shots that she would take. I knew she had the talent and the ability.”

Argote now will use those skills with Paris. She hopes to keep improving and, in two year, to continue her soccer playing dreams at a four-year university.

The Ladybird senior might have been the first ever to get a scholarship from the El Campo girls soccer program, but she doesn’t believe she’ll be the last.

“The girls that are going to sign next are already on the team, I have a feeling of it,” Argote said.

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