Blind allegiance to the Texas Longhorns cost contest entrants in week six.

I will say it was an exciting game, Oklahoma won 53-45 in overtime if you liked offense, that showing was all for you.

It seems defense has become a lost art. While not a contest game, in the Chargers and Browns game Sunday, players helped an opponent score so they could get the ball back. The Chargers running back, before going down to the ground at the one, to take time off the clock late in the game, was finally picked up by a Browns player and walked into the endzone, a very strange sight.

Of all the college football games and pro football games on Saturday and Sunday, only two games featured both teams scoring 20 points or fewer. Gone are the days of the Purple People Eaters and the Steel Curtain....

Enough yelling from me about the good ole yesteryears and on to who won the week six contest.

Four scorecards finished tied with 12 right games.

Jimmy Hines of Glen Flora and John Franz, Brenda Thane and Bryan White, all of El Campo, battled it out for the three spots.

El Campo and Stafford scored 56 points between the two.

Thane went a little too high with a guess of 67, I mean who can blame her, El Campo has scored 70 points this season.

White was two points off, but the closest and his guess of 58 points locks up first place. Franz was a little low writing the score would be 52, but closer than Hines to take second. Hines secured the final spot with a guess of 63, just beating out Thane.

As someon who covers the whole county in sports, I did appreciate all the picks for Boling. They might not be all the way back yet, but they are definitely improved. Will be interested if there are any takers in the Louise and Falls City game this week. Do you dare bet against the 3-0 Hornets in district?

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