Louise athletics over the past month shut down twice, this time thanks to mother nature.

In late January due to a high number of COVID-19 cases, Louise High School shut down. 

Athletics did not return until Feb. 1, two weeks later Louise had to shut down again. 

The Hornet and Lady Hornets athletic programs return Monday, to warmer weather.

“It’s always a challenge when you don’t get to see your (students),” Louise Atheltic Director Joe Bill said. “You think about their safety and make sure they are ok and that’s the most important part.” 

“As coaches, we get so involved with our teams, we also have to remember to get them safe. It’s been tough,” he said. “You get the kids working hard and going the right direction and now all of a sudden there is a setback and you have to regroup.”

“Even though it’s just a week you still have to reel them back in,” he said. “The neat thing about is (the students) are so resilient and they bounce back.”

With basketball now over, softball and baseball are starting in Louise, but the weather has put them behind schedule.

The Lady Hornets softball team’s first action of the season in the Rice Consolidated tournament would have wrapped up today. However, they will have to wait until a Tuesday game with Palacios to officially start their season.

The weather this past week robbed the Hornets baseball team of the first time practicing with a full squad with basketball ending on Feb. 12. The Hornets will play Bloomington at home, Tuesday, with one day of practicing together.

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