It was an odd week of football in the pros and college, upsets all across the board. Texas lost to Iowa State, well maybe that one wasn’t an upset - that was a shot to all the Longhorns out there. SMU lost to Memphis, Baylor to TCU, the Chiefs just bearly beat an Aaron Rodgersless Packers, and the Cardinals JV team beat down the 49ers.

Despite all that craziness one scorecard stood tallest with 13 right picks with week. Steve Martinez of El Campo takes home the top spot in the week 10 football contest. His belief in Wharton, Texas and the Packers kept him from reaching perfection.

Two scorecards tied for the final two spots with 12 right picks. Richard Fink and Joyce Cox, of El Campo, battled it out for second and third.

Cox sensing El Campo and Needville scoring a lot of points went high with a guess of 78, just missing the actual score between the two by one point winning the contest. Fink saw a highly defensive battle and takes second place.

This week is another large slate of college football games. No El Campo this week, I guess I was tired of handing out a free point. I wonder how many people would have taken Yates... Exactly.

As always thanks for taking part in the football contest. If you are reading these words you can take part too, just fill out a scorecard and get back to us before quitting time on Friday. Good luck.

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