Sink The Shot

Louise junior Madison Delossantos chips her ball on to the green as coach Joe Bill offers her some instruction on her shot Thursday in Edna. 


The Louise Lady Hornet golf team today and tomorrow are competing in the Regional tournament at the Oso Golf Course in Corpus Christi. By winning the District championship in Weimar earlier in the month with a team score of 509 they became the first girl’s team since Louise has been in the 2A classification to make it to Regionals.

“Everybody scored really well and we got District champs,” junior Madison Delossantos said.

“It’s very exciting,” senior Madison Bartlett said. “I’m very proud of us for how far we’re coming along, considering we practice on the boys (practice) football field.”

In the Lady Hornets District, every team outside of Shiner and Louise has a home golf course. Since the close of District on April 1, the Lady Hornets have only practiced on golf course twice. Coach Joe Bill has to split time with track, softball and tennis, so most days they spend time working on the practice football field.

Thursday the golf team traveled to Edna to play a few holes on a golf course and clean up a few things before heading to Corpus Christi.

“We’re working on chipping and putting,” Delossantos said. “Everybody pretty much has their drives down. We just have to work on our short game. It’s going pretty good. I think we’re going to do pretty well at Regionals and hopefully have a shot to advance.”

On the practice field, the team is limited on what they can work on and they do mostly short-iron work. Bill at times will place a large practice circle 30-yards away so they can also work on their short game. 

Driver work and putting is saved for the rare times they can make it to a golf course.

While the Lady Hornets might not have a home course, it didn’t it stop them in District play and, if they can play well today and tomorrow, they punch their way to State.

“It’s so exciting,” Delossantos said. “It’s going to be so fun to actually travel and stay in a hotel somewhere with our friends and we’ll be able to bond as a team.”

In girls sports in Louise this year, the golf team is the only team to make it to the Regional level.

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