With the World Series in full swing, it’s time to find somewhere and someplace to enjoy these memories.

Not many fan bases can say their team has been to the championship game. So when it happens, you have to enjoy it.

Luckily for Houston Astros fans, this is becoming old hat. The Astros have been to the World Series three times in the past five years.

The first World Series championship still seems like it was just yesterday.

I had just moved to El Campo, coming off covering the Astros with my previous job.

That year I was super locked in the rest of the postseason. When it finally came to the World Series, I watched a couple of games here in town, mostly by myself - because I didn’t know many people in town, at a sports bar that has since gone out of business.

However, when it came down to game six, which I had thought the Astros would win, I drove all the way back to my parents’ house in Spring, in the pouring rain to watch the game with my dad. I wanted so much to watch the Astros, a team I had grown up watching with him, clinch their first World Series together. And as luck would have it, they didn’t win, I drove back to El Campo to go to work the next day. That night I watched game seven at the sports bar and faced timed my dad as Charlie Morton got the final out.

It was great, but I always wished I could have shared that moment together with him in person.

If you love the Astros, when they have a chance to clinch, make sure you’re with the people you care about. A Championship moment is meant to be shared with everyone.

Anyways, go Astros.

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