nsert evil genius laugh... My evil plan worked, by using Division II teams in the football contest, scorecards were more respectable this week. However, the crazy part of the numbers being down is it actually wasn’t because of the Division II teams, the three winners and most of the scorecards this week had both of the games correct. The blame for low numbers this week was the Raiders, Browns and 49ers who all couldn’t take care of business. While the Raiders and Browns have been up and down all year, the real shocker was the 49ers who lost to the Falcons, I mean really? I thought the 49ers were a team that was going to make it to the Super Bowl. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the two teams who make the Super Bowl this year, won’t have an ugly Falcons loss on their record... Enough of my ramblings, let’s get to the winners.

With 13 right guesses on his scorecard, J.C. Franz of El Campo takes home first place. Jerry Williams and Shawn Hagel of El Campo both finished with 12 correct. The tie-breaker game between Army and Navy totaled 38 points and Williams guess of 35 was closest and he locks down second, handing Hagel thrid.

To those that have played this year, thanks for taking part in the 2019 version of the contest. For those that have won, checks are in the mail and hopefully they will be reaching you soon, again, thank you all for your patience. We’ve got one final week, so if you haven’t played yet this year, the time is now. If you are reading these words, fill out the week 16 contest and send that bad boy in! Good luck to all those that entered.

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