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Diamond Dog pitcher Madilyn Kelly throws to first baseman Emma Labay to get an out against the Dirt Divas last Tuesday night. El Campo youth baseball/softball put together a four-team softball league that will crown a champion on July 28


Sports have come back for El Campo youth, well kind of.

At Zlotnik Park, eight and nine-year-old softball players took the field last Tuesday. Four teams opened a short five-week league that will crown a champion on July 28.

High school sports are still potentially a month away from coming back at the earliest.

The Dirt Divas and the Diamond Dogs put on an offensive explosion scoring 26 runs between them in the hour and a half long game.

While the Divas and the Dogs scored runs at will, it offered a chance to see how COVID-19 is impacting everyone involved.

Before the state-wide mask order was in effect, those who sat in the stand at Bankers field were a mix of people wearing a mask and people without a mask on. Parents and onlookers sat behind the chain-link fence down the third base and the first baseline.

In the field, a number of coaches wore masks. 

Aside from a few collisions tracking down baserunners, or when a player was standing on a base, for the most part, everyone kept their distance.

While in the dugouts, coaches kept reminding the players to stay six feet apart, a weird and strange concept that took seeing to understand. When someone does something good, the natural reaction is to cheer with your buddies and friends. However, what the pandemic is forcing people to do is to not celebrate together, a foreign concept in the sports world.

Following the game instead of the normal handshake lines, you see at nearly every sporting event, both teams waved at each other while standing on their baseline.

Who knows what sports will look like if they come back in August, but for the next three Tuesdays, you can find out what they do look like now at Zlotnik Park.

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