This past weekend of football was great.

If you love chaos, which I do, the underdogs took it to the favorites this past week, at least in college and professional football. Oregon outright beat Ohio State on the road and while not on the scorecard, Texas lost to Arkansas and Colrodaro nearly beat Texas A&M. In the pros, the Saints demolished the Packers, the Texans tuned out the Jaguars and the Eagles grounded the Falcons, wild times.

A number of scorecards this week saw Boling beating East Bernard. I’m not a betting man, but I’ve learned in the years I’ve been in Wharton County, bet against East Bernard at your own peril.

Week two scorecards had El Campo, East Bernard, Virginia and Army, all started with those four games correct. Faith Richardson led all scorecards with 12 right picks and was the outright week two winner.

Two scorecards had to battle it out for second and third-place finishes with 11 right games. Ronnie Johnson and Robert Lormand, both of El Campo, arm-wrestled for second place. Needing the first tie-breaker to decide things, Lormand guessed an offensive shootout picking 59 points, closest to the 84 points scored between El Campo and Calhoun, giving him second. Johnson with a low guess of 45 points fills out the final spot in the contest.

Ten scorecards tied with 10 right guesses, one more NFL game picked right could have moved this group into contention for the final two spots.

In the upcoming slate of games in the football contest, look for more college football games, with a lot of potentially tight matchups. It will be interesting to see how this week in the NFL plans out after the overreactions week one causes.

As always if you are reading these words, thanks, but you can participate in the Leader-News football contest. Fill out a scorecard and get it in before closing time Friday and good luck to all those who enter.

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