Moments before kickoff against Liberty Hill Friday night, the Ricebirds sideline rocks back and forth. The next two years of Ricebirds football will see them play in the 4A classification. The Ricebirds will still have to wait on what district they will play in, but they no longer have to wonder if they are going to make the jump to being a 5A football team. 


The rumors of El Campo becoming a 5A school will have to wait for another year.

The UIL Tuesday morning released the reclassification and realignment conference cutoff numbers and the El Campo Ricebirds will eek right underneath the 5A threshold of 1,210 students after turning in a snapshot of 1,154 in October.

“We’re always right there on the line,” El Campo Atheltic Director Wayne Condra said. “We’re probably 55 below the cutoff. So two-years from now, you never know, it could go up another 100 (kids). You never know until the numbers come out.”

For El Campo now, the question is who will be in their district, and that could vary widely depending on how the UIL determines the district.

“Looking at the cutoff numbers, they went up drastically,” Condra said. “You have some big-time schools moving down in Calhoun and Calallen, two schools that are doing good in the 5A ranks so it’s going to make things tougher.”

While the UIL showed us where teams are going to land for the upcoming two years, they won’t release new district until after the new year. 

Fulshear is out and moving to 5A - side note, Liberty Hill who the Ricebirds just lost to, is also now a 5A school. The Ricebirds could stay in a six-team district, or they could also move out and play in the Rockport area with a lot of newly minted 4A D 1 teams. They could even move into Houston ISD who has opted to move all their schools to 4A D1, according to Texasfootball.com.


The biggest move is Rice Consolidated, who will drop from 3A D2 to 3A D1, which likely could put them in the same district as East Bernard, who is remaining in 3A D2.

Wharton will stay 4A D1. However, they came in 55 students above 3A D2 cutoff. Wharton’s district will look a lot different next year, with Houston ISD schools now playing in 4A D2.

Boling came 20 students away from dropping back into 3D D1, but will stay a 3A D2 school.

Louise is remaining a 2A D2 school, but their district will look different with Flatonia moving to 2D D1.

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