Joe Bill

Louise AD Joe Bill during a time out earlier in the season coach girls basketball.

Louise ISD put a lot of effort into their appeal to the UIL, but it wasn’t enough Tuesday morning. 

After a long drive to Pflugerville, Louise made their appeal to the UIL and a panel made of up of six different school superintendents unanimously ruled against volleyball switching from  District 27 to District 28.

Louise Athletic Director Joe Bill and Superintendent Garth Oliver both talked about the difficulties as a small school getting kids from volleyball to football games so they can march in the band, cheer on the sidelines, or take in the game. Louise parent JaLynn Kocurek, came along to share how hard it was to get kids back and forth too, yet it wasn’t enough as the UIL decided to keep them in District 27.

“They heard our concerns and then they put it to a vote,” Bill said. “We didn’t get a single vote.”

Out of 11 appeals heard Tuesday, only one school was granted a successful appeal.

Louise started by asking the district’s to allow them to make the move. But after that failed, and now with the UIL ruling against them, volleyball is out of options until the next realignment.

The last two seasons Louise volleyball and football stayed in the same general area. 

Following realignment, it moved the sports in different directions. 

Volleyball, for the most part, will be northeast of Victoria. Football will be on the west side of Victoria with two of their games being near Corpus Christi.

Bill originally feared a ruling against them might force students to choose volleyball or something else, so they can continue to make football games, but he thinks they might be able to still find solutions.

“We may have to change some dates, maybe change (some) to a Saturday volleyball games,” Bill said. “I don’t know all of the options, because it also conflicts with cross-country, but I’m hoping we can make it work.”

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