Editor, the Leader-News:

In my opinion these violent rioters are no more than protesting puppets of the Democratic party.

Democratic mayors and governors allow them to run wild through their streets while telling police departments to stand down.

People had every right to protest the death of George Floyd. But these peaceful protesters were infiltrated by George Soros funded Antifa and anarchist and Obama’s Organizing For Action group.

Antifa sends a small group with lots of cash to these cities to pay willing protesters to help them throw bricks and set fires. Many of the arsonist that were arrested were college-age white females.

George Floyd’s name has been lost in the chaos of destroying monuments and statues.

Black Lives Matter should be protesting the murder of two innocent three-year-old black children in Chicago last weekend.

The biased media doesn’t tell that story.

The Democrats and these rioters want to remove all of America’s history and start fresh under a socialist form of government.

You don’t target every cop in America because of the action of a few bad apples. You try and find a solution to have these bad apples removed.

Over 900 policemen have been injured across America during these riots. These officers had nothing to do with the death of George Floyd.

Their reward for risking their lives to protect people and property is the Democrats and rioters tell them they want to “defund cops.”

What you are seeing in these Democratic-run cities is what you will have across all of America if they get control of the country.

The Democratic-supported Black Lives Matter organization actually wants to tear down any statues of Jesus and destroy all churches, saying they represent racism.

In my opinion if you want to kneel at a sporting event, you ask for a moment of silence after the playing of the National Anthem.

You don’t disrespect the millions of veterans that gave their lives so you could have your freedom to protest by kneeling during America’s anthem.

Take pride in your country and be grateful for the opportunities these veterans have given you.

God Bless America!

Earl Yackel

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