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When you live in the state that has the largest amount of energy resources in America, in my opinion there is NO excuse for the power outages that happened during the recent arctic storm.

The “Green New Deal” wind turbines and solar panels are not a reliable source of energy for Texas. The state’s energy company; ERCOT failed miserably. ERCOT’s chairman who lives in Michigan and vice-chair who lives in California should resign. Texas needs to rely more on natural gas, something we have plenty of. No foreign-made power transformers were used in America prior to 2010, before the Obama-Biden era.

Approximately 200 China-made large transformers are now in use in America. Trump passed an executive order prohibiting the use of foreign transformers in our electric grid. Biden suspended the order allowing China and others to bring transformers back into our system. Reports show that these transformers can be easily hacked which could give China control of our electric grid system. Investigations have shown that Hunter Biden has ties to CEFC; a China-based energy company.

Are you worried yet? In my opinion the quickest fix for this problem ... With the right candidates and, if they play their cards right, the Republicans could gain control of the House and Senate in 2022. Trump should run for Congress in Florida in 2022 where he would easily win. Guess who could become Speaker of the House?

With control of the House and Senate they could impeach Biden and Harris. Guess who then becomes President? Trump ... We could have a Trump Presidency for 10 years. Trump during his first term drained just enough water from the swamp to expose the evil creatures that dwell there.

Earl Yackel

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