Editor, the Leader-News:

How drastically America has changed in 19 years. After 9/11 people were waving American flags and calling police our heroes. Now, according to most leftist Democrats, the police are villains and their departments need to be defunded. How insane.

In my opinion, the Houston Texans need to change their name. The Texans I know salute our flag and stand for our national anthem. A true Texan doesn’t run and hide when it is played!

The coming election isn’t about Biden vs. Trump.

It’s about what America stands for and what freedom and liberty mean for its citizens.

In my opinion, if you have any common sense it’s a pretty simple choice.

If you want open borders, free health care for illegal aliens, free college tuition, (who pays for this free stuff?), have your guns taken away, defund police departments (there are now signs when you enter Austin that say “enter at your own risk because the police won’t be there to help if you need it.”)

Government run health care (no private insurance), much higher taxes and more regulations on private business. America will once again have to rely on foreign countries for energy, and be prepared to see “made in China” on everything.

And to quote the Democrats “the riots will get much worse if you don’t vote for us.”

The Dems are pushing mail-in voting (voting scandal?) I didn’t know Americans had gotten too lazy to physically go cast a ballot in person.

And some Dems have said “don’t expect election results the night of the election.” They plan to drag-out counting votes until Biden wins.

Hillary told Biden “under no circumstances concede the election.” What is that suppose to mean?

If this is the America you want, then vote for a Democrat.

If you want law and order to return, border security, lower taxes and fewer regulations and your police to be supported and be allowed to do their jobs, then voting for a Republican is the choice you should make.

Choose wisely ... you, your kids and grandkids will have to live with your choice.

Earl Yackel

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