Editor, the Leader-News:

It is time to put things into perspective. The hype about COVID-19 is way over the top. There are many dangerous things in our lives and we have learned to live with them - driving a car is one of them. There are accidents everyday and, in most cases, it is property damage. Even in a very serious wreck when the car is totaled and people are injured, most people survive. Does that mean that we should abandon automotive travel? It doesn’t. We just need to be careful.

With COVID-19, a person may die. Yes, that is a fact. But for the huge majority, it is a very light case with maybe a little fever that will be gone in a day or two or maybe no symptoms. Is that a reason to cripple the economy? Is it a reason to tell those that have spent their lives, money and efforts into having a small business to close their doors? That has a ripple effect in that their expenses go on like electricity and rent or a mortgage. What about people they can’t pay? COVID-19 will be in the environment for more than this year. Even with a vaccine, many will prefer not to have it. It will not be eradicated in the foreseeable future. Many doctors say that wearing a mask will not stop the spread of the virus and it does cause problems for people with breathing problems such as asthma or COPD.

This so-called social distancing is not social distancing, it is anti-social distancing! All friendliness is gone and that is a bad atmosphere all around. I believe that it is time for people to make their own choices about how to cope with COVID-19. At this point everyone is aware of the dangers. It is impossible not to be aware. We should be allowed make our own choices of a mask or where we want to go. Children need to be in school. They need the learning and connections with other children they get in school. As one who spent an entire month in solitary confinement, commonly called self-quarantine, I can tell you it is depressing to say the least. Let’s be sensible and stop all these forced closures and get on with our lives as we once did. Let’s bring back friendliness and speaking with one another and shaking hands or hugging. We were all a lot happier then.

Kathleen Thonsgaard

El Campo

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