Editor, the Leader-News:

We have been hearing rumblings about a new hospital for months now. No one I know thinks we need a bigger hospital.

The citizens of El Campo didn’t get the opportunity to vote for or against it.

I have visited patients at ECMH many times over the past few years. On occasion several beds were taken, but never have I seen the hospital full except in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey – which I think we can all agree was quite out of the ordinary.

Despite the lack of public support, we have recently seen two publicity pushes for this project. One appeared in the magazine Experience El Campo and the other in the Leader-News.

The Experience El Campo article quoted Randy Clap saying tax dollars will not be required to fund it. That may be true at the outset, but we all know nothing comes free.

Even fundraising doesn’t mean money falls from the sky. People must spend lots of money at fundraisers for them to be successful – dinners, dances, auctions, etc.

The hospital board has proposed a three-story building at the estimated cost of $46 million. So far, the board has collected $1,150,000. Only $44,850,000 to go.

If the board can collect the entire $46 million prior to breaking ground, I say go ahead. But if not, I am afraid this will be one risky adventure; and the fallout will land squarely on the shoulders of the people who live here.

We’ll be looking at a big empty complex like the one in Wharton, which by the way is making a very slow comeback. So now we’ll have competition.

As I see it, the ECMH leadership “encouraged” some very good people to leave, stopped offering needed services forcing people to travel to other cities, and created a situation where it now looks like a new hospital is just what this town needs. A nice, big, expensive hospital.

Reene Terrell


Editor’s Note: The El Campo Leader-News is not making

 a publicity push. We are reporting events, a city Board of Adjustment meeting for example, which happened to have a request on its agenda involving the hospital.

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