Editor, the Leader-News:

The Democrats want to open our borders to all who wish to enter this country. Most of that comes from pandering to illegal immigrants, who have violated immigration rules, and now want to bring their extended families here.

That desire is understandable, but this land is limited. Our resources are limited, our water supply is limited, food is limited, housing is limited.

This land will only support a reasonable population.

Look around this world to see what overpopulation will do to a country.

For a prime example, just look at China, it’s extremely overpopulated. Too many people, living to close to each other and their livestock results in an incubation system which can result in some very serious outbreaks of viruses.

The day will come, when a country like China will produce a globally fatal virus that destroys a large portion of its population, and also the worlds.’

Until the world can better control of these viruses, the people in charge of protecting us must react faster to these threats.

China took a month to finally admit they have a big problem. Other countries around the world are still burying their heads in the sand, hoping the problem will not be too bad.

How many sick people are sneaking across the border?

How many are using other countries as points of entry to avoid airports that are being monitored?

Right now, that person coughing on you could have come across the border illegally. That person coughing on you could be the death of you.

Bill Machart

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