Collaboration is a much nicer word than conspiracy, don’t you think?

Whichever you prefer, it’s time to own up, I suppose.

I’m working with others to try to help El Campo proclaim the pride it and its citizens have earned the right to show.

I call it “EC Pride,” although that name is about as firm as the plans on how to make it happen. We’re really going at this one step at a time.

Step one: asking residents to wear red on Friday, regardless of whether it’s football season or shirt-wearers have an interest in the game.

Step two: passing out about 1,000 soft red t-shirts donated by Mid Coast Health Systems with a part of the downtown facade line and the slogan “Because El Campo Matters.”

(If you don’t mind a 3X, the last few can be picked up at the Leader-News office, 203 E. Jackson, during regular business hours. We might have one, maybe two of the 2X’s too.)

There’s also a host of El Campo bumper stickers donated by the Chamber of Commerce.

Step three: Well, that’s in today’s newspaper: a small placard, that can be posted in any window or glass door, proclaiming “Believe In El Campo” with a line drawing of a portion of Monseratte Street.

In smaller lettering at the bottom, it adds, “Proud supporter of local stores, community efforts.”

The placard is made possible by advertisers listed on the back: First Financial Bank, H-E-B, Abby Dental, State Farm, Sonic, Sutherlands, Pizza Hut, Briggs & Veselka Co., Chicken Express and Sutton Wealth Management.

I’d like to thank each and everyone of them for their support in this effort.

Please place these signs in your windows and glass doors to show your support for what you, yes you, and your neighbors and everyone else does to make El Campo the amazing place that it’s been for decades.

I’m not sure you truly realize just how much you do just because it simply needs to be done.

Step four: I have no idea yet, and  I welcome suggestions.

Those others I’m working with, by the way, include City Manager Courtney Sladek, Mayor Randy Collins, City Development Corporation of El Campo Executive Director Carolyn Gibson, El Campo Chamber of Commerce President Rebecca Munoz, El Campo Memorial Hospital CEO Nathan Tutor, Police Chief Terry Stanphill, Former City Manager Mindi Snyder and several business folk.

They all share in this vision, and I hope you will too.

Believe In El Campo!



– Shannon Crabtree is editor & publisher of the El Campo Leader-News.

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