Editor, the Leader-News:

On behalf of myself and St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church, I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for all of the work that Kevin Thompson and the City of El Campo have done to help alleviate the flooding that has in the past devastated our parish, parishioners and neighbors.

Our parish is right along the Tres Palacios drainage and we have had two feet of water in our church and buildings. We pray the work that has been completed will prevent this from happening again.

John 4:37 states that “one sows and another reaps.” We are currently reaping the fruits brought by decades of planning, investment and hard work.

Hopefully future generations will reap the benefits of our own labors as we work with Kevin and the City of El Campo to do everything possible to help prevent future flooding for ourselves and our neighbors, including the widening of our own section of the Tres Palacios.

We can all help prevent flooding in El Campo by not throwing trash into ditches, drainages and waterways.

In June 2019, water came to within an inch of entering the church because garbage was blocking the flow of water at the bridge on Fifth street.

Our actions affect others, for better or worse. A lot of people are earnestly working together to make El Campo a beautiful place, a true Pearl of the Prairie, and together we can make our home a place of which we and our children can be proud.

With Gratitude,

Rev. Philip Brune

Pastor St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church

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