Editor, the Leader-News:

After Monday’s vote at city council requiring businesses to require the public to wear masks, I let out a sigh of relief.  Unfortunately though too many people responded to this in such a negative way that it made me feel like an angry mob was going to be out on the street protesting this.

Sadly, I’m not surprised though.

This pandemic is not a joke. I’ve had friends on ventilators and barely survive and the pictures they’ve shared and stories I don’t want that to happen to anyone. The City of El Campo doesn’t want that to happen to its citizens. Wearing a mask with social distancing is the best effort we have now to prevent the public from getting sick.  I want to thank the council members that voted for this because they have their best interests in the safety of the public.

We will get through this.  Protect yourself and your neighbors around you. Thank you.

Ben Prochazka

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