It’s Wednesday, official hump day for most and especially for us at the newspaper. It’s the day after we put the paper “to bed” so to speak. So it’s usually a less hectic day.

I get to work, make the coffee and sit at my desk about to delve into typing Santa letters when I receive a text from Shannon, our publisher and the boss of this place.

“FYI ... I’ve got the big guy coming this morning. Office ETA 9:15-9:20.”

She sent it in a group text to me and Nancy, the office manager here at the Leader-News.

Ummm? I wonder if it’s Clyde or Fred Hartman who will be paying us a visit today, the day before Thanksgiving? He’ll be here around 9:15 a.m. That’s odd ... dropping by the day before a holiday.

My first concerns are: I shouldn’t have worn jeans today! Am I the only one wearing jeans?

Us folks here at the paper communicate via Trillian, a messaging system we use on our Macs.

So I send Brittany, our production manager, a quick message:

Me: Are you wearing jeans?

Brittany: Yes:/ it’s Wednesday lol.

Me: Ok, I am too.

Brittany: Plus it’s the day before a holiday.

Me: We really aren’t suppose to wear jeans except on Fridays.

Brittany: Matthew (a reporter) is wearing them too and I think Michael (an advertising rep).

Me: Ok, good.

In the meantime, I start spreading the word that the “big man” is coming. But I’m still wondering which boss? She said “big man.” Shannon doesn’t ordinarily call Clyde the big man, either. Clyde’s a tall guy ... not overly large and her boss. Then there’s Fred, vice president of operations for Hartman Newspapers. She could have meant big in that respect, too. So it could mean either one of them.

The suspense is getting to me. So I walk into Nancy’s office.

Me: Hey Nancy, I wonder which boss is coming? Clyde or Fred?

Nancy: I thought she was talking about a guy she’s interviewing for a job.

Me: Why would she call him the big man?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out, I said to her in so many words.

In walks Shannon with a large bundle of paperwork in her clutches.

Me: So Shannon, is Clyde or Fred coming this morning?

Shannon: Huh?

Me: You sent a text that the big man is coming.

Shannon: I didn’t send that message.

So I proceed to read the message on my phone to her.

Shannon: No, the bug man!

Oh, that has a whole different meaning.

I was wrong. Nancy was wrong. Silly me for getting the office in a stir over the “bug” man.

Don’t you love auto correct on the iPhone? Or was it a typo from the publisher of our newspaper?

We all make mistakes. Next time, I’ll wait before I start making assumptions. You know what I mean?

– Quala Matocha is the Lifestyle Editor at the El Campo Leader-News.

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