El Campo Leader-News readers and followers: 

Give yourself a hand. You deserve it.

Because of you, a 14-month-old child was located and ultimately reunited with his mom, 19 days after being taken from Dixon, Ill., by his father, a fugitive wanted on two counts of child abduction.

Receiving a request to help find a lost child via social media, we at the Leader-News contacted El Campo police. We verified with local authorities that:

1. The child was real.

2. Warrants did indeed exist.

3. The child might be in the El Campo area, and;

4. They wanted help finding this little boy.

Images of the child and father were then placed on the Leader-News social media and website pages Friday.

Minutes later, police were told the child’s location and were able to recover him.

Safe and sound, the little boy was reunited with mom Saturday.

The full story behind the warrants and/or the history of either the mother or the father is not the point here.

Police asked for help locating a missing child and the El Campo community immediately responded.

This is a story that could have ended far, far differently. There’s hundreds, if not thousands, of all too sad examples nationwide.

Thank you El Campo for making sure this wasn’t one of them.

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