The most satisfying grilled cheese sandwich on the planet didn’t coming with any fancy ingredients, wasn’t made by a world-class chef and was wolfed down in a hurry.

The fact that it was made on a real stove under electric lights?

Utterly amazing.

It took all of about 30 minutes Monday morning (aka Deep Freeze 2021 Day 1) to realize just how much I truly appreciate power.

Unfortunately, it took another 56 hours for the overhead lights to shine once more.

Sure, I had flashlights, a little battery-operated lantern and a Sterno stove, but on a bitterly chill winter’s night this in no way could compare to the wonders of Mr. Tesla’s brilliance.

With a mighty struggle, I managed to refrain from singing “I saw the light” – just barely, but as I’m sure all of you know, it doesn’t take long to get tired of instant oatmeal and canned soup.

The storm wasn’t over though, so next came the hours spent wondering when, not if, I’d be back in the dark ages – at least figuratively.

Right then, however, I simply sat in awe of the blinking stove clock, wondering if there was anything in the house safe to cook that didn’t come in a can or an easy open foil packet. No, I wasn’t still hungry, but I had a working STOVE!!

Luckily for my already enlarged waistline, everything found was more than likely to hospitalize me for three to four days if consumed.

I’m one of the lucky ones, I know. I had running water, supplies that helped tremendously and past experience with living and functioning in the cold.

Many had nothing and simply migrated from place to place looking for a little warmth physically and emotionally.

I hope that each was able to find it.

Two weeks ago, I was grumbling about having to cook, but not being a big “eat out person,” I soldiered on.

Monday, aka Deep Freeze 2021 Day 1, I was staring longingly at a stove top while repeatedly flipping on the kitchen light switch hoping that attempt would have a different outcome than the last 46.

The night after grilled cheese heaven I spent hoping the power would last long enough to brew coffee in the morning.

Funny how priorities change sometime.

Maybe all those aged wise folks really are right. “It’s the little things that truly matter.”

Click. Let there be light.


– Shannon Crabtree is editor & publisher of the El Campo Leader-News.

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