Editor, the Leader-News:

It’s clear the Democrats and the biased media wanted another Benghazi so they could blame Trump for something else.

But unlike Clinton, Obama and Biden who abandoned Americans to be killed at the Benghazi embassy; Trump responded when our embassy in Baghdad was attacked.

Obama’s response was to pay Iran $150 billion taxpayer dollars.

Trump’s response was to take out Iran’s top general. The man directly responsible for killing over 600 American soldiers and wounding many more. This same general also helped plan the attack on our Baghdad embassy and was planning many more assaults on Americans.

What do the Democrats, the biased media and Hollywood do after this response?

Instead of showing a sigh of relief that one of the world’s top terrorist was taken out, they accuse Trump of “war crimes.”

They said he killed an Iranian hero and genius. Instead of defending our President and America’s military, they stand on the side of a terrorist. Disgusting and un-American behavior!

Thanks to President Trump, America is now energy independent. We no longer need oil from Iran or anyone in the middle east. Are the Democrats and media this stupid or are they this un-American?

When you want open borders so any person or terrorist from any country can illegally enter America, you make it pretty clear where you stand.

The Dems want one thing: “power.” They hate that America is successful under Trump’s leadership.

Our military is a global power again thanks to Trump. In my opinion, the Dems can’t be trusted to handle foreign relations.

Obama wanted to tear our military apart. Ever wonder why Democrats want to abolish the Second Amendment? Could it be they want American citizens completely defenseless?

Thank God for our military, local law enforcement and President Trump – the people that keep all of America, and the ungrateful, un-American Dems, and biased media safe.

Earl Yackel

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