Editor, the Leader-News:

On the subject of defunding something in this country, I recommend institutes of higher learning.

Why does the taxpayer have to support colleges like Harvard, Columbia, Vassar, Penn State, University of Chicago and other expensive brick and mortar schools?

If all these schools are going to produce is radical extremists, I say no more support from taxpayer funding.

Let’s put that hard-earned money to better use by supporting local schools, and reasonably priced community colleges.

Let’s take tenure and other protections away from radical professors so they can be fired.

We want the upcoming generation of students to have a fair and balanced idea of what the world is about.

As for these expensive universities, your time is about to expire. We no longer need a brick and mortar learning centers when everything can be done over the Internet. So, goodbye expensive colleges, and here’s to a readily available, inexpensive education for all.

Bill Machart

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