Editor, the Leader-News:

Since Trump was elected, he’s been investigated by the House Intel Committee, the Senate and the Mueller counsel. All of them turned up NO evidence of Trump-Russian collusion.

Trump asked Ukraine to help investigate the obvious corrupt Biden family and the Dems tried to impeach him for it.

The Dems don’t care about any investigation that will reveal the truth, if they did, Hillary Clinton would have been in jail three years ago.

Next, the Dems will probably try to impeach Trump for burning down “Sheryl’s she shed.”

In my opinion, this impeachment wasn’t about Trump. It was about the Dems wanting their power back. They want to control America and its citizens and Trump just happens to be in their way.

Get ready for never ending accusations from the Dems and the “fake news” media on how the Senate held an unfair impeachment trial. The Dems and biased media will now target Republican Senators in the upcoming 2020 elections saying they held a rigged trial.

The Dems currently have control of the House, but if they can also get control of the Senate it won’t matter if Trump is reelected or not. The Dems will destroy America and start undoing everything Trump has done.

Trump should have never been investigated for any collusion or ties to Russia. An investigation should now be opened to see if any Democrats have any ties to America.

During the impeachment trial, the Dems accused Trump of trying to cheat in the upcoming 2020 election. But it’s the Dems that want NO voter I.D. system and want to allow illegal aliens to vote. They also wanted Trump’s defense lawyers disbarred.

In my opinion, the upcoming 2020 election isn’t about Republican vs. Democrat. It’s about good vs. evil and the future of America for our children and grandkids.

If you look up the word “chaos” in the dictionary the definition will be “something started by a Democrat.”

Earl Yackel

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