Editor, the Leader-News:

The USA is a great melting pot of immigrants. People came here for a better life in a country with great freedoms, values and promise. They were all Americans: not German, Czech, Mexican, African, Muslim. Opportunities existed for all to assimilate into our society. 

Did your normal school day begin with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the USA? In 1963, after 343 years of prayers and Bible readings, American schools removed them, because this offended a few people. Humanism took over.

Did you ever see an officer in your school, except for Career Day? Discipline was the next antiquated practice to fall. It’s not surprising that many Americans have no respect for God, the flag, our country. They have no patriotism and no sense of right from wrong. For decades, these values have been eroded.

People of faith are mocked and attacked. Some immigrants refuse to assimilate, holding to their tenets and loyalties. There is a cancel culture that wants to change our customs, traditions, icons, frame of reference, symbols, history, heritage, memories. Instead of supporting our country’s founding principles and rights, individuals should have no morality, free speech, wealth, guns, history, religion and, ultimately, freedom at all.

Have you exercised your right to vote lately? Are you registered to vote this year? Do you intend to let others decide your fate and the fabric of this country? That’s what happened when school prayer was eliminated. Don’t make that mistake again. Register! Vote!


Kathy Woodruff

El Campo

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