Editor, the Leader-News:

Jim Lehrer died Jan. 22, 2020, who was best known for his role as newscaster for PBS “McNeil/Lehrer NewsHour,” my favorite due to Lehrer’s serious delivery. This same demeanor placed him as moderator of 12 Presidential debates beginning 1988-2012. But the real Jim Lehrer was revealed in a book entitled, A Bus Of My Own.

For over 10 years, I was a book reviewer for book clubs, but only reviewed non-fiction and those were hard to find. While perusing discarded books at Friends of the Library bookstore, I found this book with book cover intact plus checkout card in its pocket. Published in 1992, the card showed only two persons checked it out, once 1993, then 1996. Paid the 50 cents and took it home.

Readers missed out on one of the best memoirs of a person who went on to win many honors as a newscaster. Jim’s dad owned Kansas Central bus line that went bankrupt; moved to Texas to manage Continental-Trailsway bus depots in Beaumont and San Antonio during Jim’s high school years.

Jim enrolled in Victoria Junior College and took a part-time job as bus depot agent in Victoria. This position lasted two years, but his accounts of those years relate events that happened in El Campo and Wharton which were insightful of human tragedies and happiness within the role of a busing business.

Years later Jim purchased a 1946 Flexible Clipper, the standard streamline bus he loved as a young man – thus the title of his book.

For the best book to add to your library, order this one online as I have the copy that once sat unnoticed on the library’s shelf.

Merle R. Hudgins


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