Editor, the Leader-News:

Execution is not a punishment for a crime committed, it is not rehabilitation, it is not atonement. Nor is it a deterrent for future criminals. Execution is about removing someone from society whom cannot be trusted to live in peace with others. Some criminals have shown they have no respect for the rules of civilized society. They are executed because it is considered inhumane to lock someone up for the rest of their life. What kind of life is spent looking out from behind bars? What is the financial cost to taxpayers? The cost ranges from $20,000 per year to $1 million per year. The actual figures are hard to determine.

Why should taxpayers have to shoulder the burden of this expense, when an execution can save us all a lot of money? I don’t like having to build prisons, pay guards, provide food, clothing, free legal defense and free medical care for someone like that. We have people that don’t like executions. They consider them inhumane. I say, let these people take that murderer into their home, and try to rehabilitate them. Let’s see how long they can stay alive with this person in their home.

Bill Machart

El Campo

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