Editor, the Leader-News:

When the super majority of the City Council of El Campo passed the mask order 6 to 1, one reason we did so is because the current evidence shows and was confirmed by our city health officer Dr. Brooke Dorotik at the meeting that wearing any mask would benefit the public, and help from spreading this virus.

Thus Councilman Hodges’ statement that Dr. Dorotik said the only mask that would work to help not spread COVID is the N95 mask and is the only one that works at all, is false and misleading.

Dr. Dorotik did not say that. Again she said the N95 is a good mask to wear but any mask would be better than no mask.

I ask you if wearing a mask, any mask, prevents one person from dying, then isn’t it worth the minor inconvenience? 

I am also disappointed in the level of reaction that the orders are a direct affront to our personal constitutional rights. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly held that these types of orders are allowed in certain circumstances and are, in fact constitutional. Those who say otherwise are misinformed or they are depending on Natural Law, not Constitutional law.

Locally, we are experiencing the largest increase of cases to date.

The City Council order was placed to also to try to prevent another shutdown of nonessential businesses which could lead to the permanent closure of these local nonessential establishments.

The Governor’s order that was sent out this past Thursday (is based on) the same premises and reasonings the 6-1 City Council made with their order last week.

Personally, I think that most citizens agree that the preventing of another nonessential business shutdown, people keeping their jobs, getting the economy back to normal, preventing the spread of this disease with more possible deaths is our patriotic duty as a citizen of the United States, the state of Texas and our El Campo community. 

As we move forward I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation.

God bless the United States, Texas and our great El Campo community.

Thank you,

Mayor Randy Collins

City of El Campo, Texas

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