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The Democrats have been pushing the issue of Donald Trump trying to influence an election. They have tried to invoke Russians, Ukrainians, Israelis, Chinese, Iranians and even the family dog in their deluded attempt to prove collusion.

But, seems to me, the Democrats have been involved in a three-year, illegal attempt of their own to influence the next elections.

It seems like the Democrats (DNC), along with Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, et al, have struck again.

Remember, in 2016, when the DNC rigged the primaries in favor of their wonder candidate Hillary Clinton? I believe we are witness to another Democrat bag of dirty tricks to hinder candidates they don’t like.

The impeachment process seems to have been deliberately timed by Nancy Pelosi to disrupt a fair election process.

Why did the House not take more time with its impeachment bid? There were more witnesses available. Why did Nancy Pelosi sit on the impeachment articles for almost a month? One gets the impression that it was all about timing who would be campaigning while four Senators have to sit out as the Senate holds its trial.

The purpose seems two-fold. One, throw dirt on President Donald J. Trump, and two, try and remove certain Democrats from the election process.

If this is not tampering with an election, I think I will need it explained to me.

Bill Machart

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