Editor, the Leader-News:

After three years of the Mueller investigation ending in failure, the Democratic socialist’s next attempt to remove Trump from office also ends in disaster.

The impeachment inquiries run by the most corrupt, unethical Congressman in Washington; Adam ”full of” Schiff showed no evidence for impeachment. There isn’t enough soap in America to wash this guy’s mouth out.

The “do nothing” Dems haven’t acted on an infrastructure bill, done nothing on the Mexico-Canada trade agreement, nothing on immigration, nothing on drug prices and nothing on a budget bill; all because the Dems have more desire to remove Trump from office than they have to do anything beneficial for America.

Obamacare was one of the last things Dems voted for. It forced American citizens to buy health care or pay a fine. Now, Dems want to give illegal aliens health care for free.

The Dems totally oppose a voter I.D. system. In my opinion, you would only oppose this if you plan on cheating during an election.

Obama removed the citizenship question from the 2010 census. I think the reason Dems want open borders and illegals to be counted on the 2020 census is because if only American citizens were counted California, New York and Illinois would lose 18 electoral votes.

In my opinion, trying to find just one candidate from all the Democrats running for President in 2020 that has any plan to help America is like looking for a tootsie-roll in a septic tank.

Before every Democratic-controlled House Committee hearing, every Republican should be issued a roll of duct tape. It can’t fix stupid, but it can muffle the sound.

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