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As they say “elections have consequences.” The entire planet is now laughing at the United States.

China just humiliated America at a recent diplomatic meeting in Alaska and Russian President Putin was joking about debating Biden.

Who is the puppeteer that is really in charge of the current administration? Is it Soros, China, Hilary, Obama or a combination?

In my opinion, they clearly have no idea on how to take care of America.

We’ve lost thousands of jobs in the energy industry, they’ve done nothing to help open schools, they want boys to take over girls sports and we have an open border policy that is a crisis.

We have over 40,000 military veterans that are homeless. But instead of helping them, the Dems are giving $90 million of taxpayer money to pay for hotel rooms for illegal aliens.

Over 3 million illegal aliens have Social Security cards and will receive a stimulus check.

The recent stimulus bill was only 9 percent COVID relief. It had $15 billion for illegal alien healthcare, $350 billion to bail-out California, New York, Washington, Oregon and Illinois, $600 million for Pelosi’s City of San Francisco and $12 billion for foreign aid.

The Dems now want to make Washington, D.C., a state. They want our voting laws to have no voter ID, mail-in ballots only and ballot harvesting.

Maybe we should nominate Biden for sainthood since he raised millions from the grave so they could vote in the last election.

And here we go again with gun laws. The Dems always believe when law enforcement shoots a criminal it’s the policeman’s fault, but when a criminal kills a victim it’s the gun that did it.

In my opinion, go after the criminal, don’t disarm the American citizen.

We now have a wall around the capitol – close and lock the exit gate and most of America’s criminals will be contained.

Two Dem Senators just openly said in a committee meeting they would not vote for any person to hold a government job if that person was white. This is not only racist, but illegal according to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Where are the Republicans that should be demanding that these two Senators resign. In my opinion one word describes the Democratic Party – that word is EVIL. 

Remember: Trump gave up a life of luxury to serve his country. Biden gave up his country to gain a life of luxury – we need term limits for everyone.

Earl Yackel

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