City: consider manned recycling area

Editor, the Leader-News:

I am very disappointed to learn that the recycling program will be closed down because of people having used it as a garbage dump.

Unfortunately, now that has ruined it for those of us who used the service responsibly. It’s so frustrating when the people who act responsibly and make the right choices are adversely affected by the actions of those who abuse the system.

Please consider relocating the recycling service to a manned location with certain drop-off hours.

Thank you,

Doris Adamcik

Find way to continue recycling

Editor, the Leader-News:

What a sad day for our Pearl of the Prairie! I’m referring to the headline in this past Saturday’s edition of the EC Leader-News stating that the recycling program is ending.

Our household has been recycling from the beginning when all that we could recycle was paper. It’s sad that so many do not see the importance of recycling and have stated to me that they do not have time or a place to keep their recyclables without even giving it a try.

It’s even sadder for our community and for those who do see the importance of recycling to have the program abused in such a way that it is taken away from those who do care. According to the article in the paper, 61 tons of recycling was left at the recycling station in August. Does that mean that 61 tons more will be left at the curb with our other garbage every month?

Thousands of dollars have been spent by our city leaders and city council to beautify El Campo and to encourage new business.

Hopefully you can come up with a solution to this recycling disaster. Of course it doesn’t matter what our city management and city council come up with, if we, the citizens do not do our part.

And to the person/persons who dumped their old mattress at the Citizen Recycling Station, you made the front page! Too bad you can’t be identified or congratulated for being a lousy citizen.


Carolyn Kelly

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