Editor, the Leader-News:

In 2015, after reading Legend, by Eric Blehm, I was inspired to look into renaming a school after our local Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.

I never imagined the controversy it would cause, and the difficult decision the school board members would face.

I naively thought most people would be supportive of a hometown Congressional Medal of Honor winner, but instead, his accolades were counted, veterans became divided, and rude comments were made from “the family is greedy, enough is enough already,” to “if I see a picture of his face, I’m walking out.”

These comments are mean, hateful and offensive. The Benavidez family did not start this, I did.

They only supported it 100 percent, like any loving family would do, and I would do it over again.

In the meantime, there is still a way to encourage and help students graduating from ECHS, and that’s by contributing to the Roy P. Benavidez Scholarship fund.

If you feel motivated to inspire graduating students to continue their education, despite adversity and hardships, like Master Sgt. Benavidez, please mail your donation to Roy P. Benavidez Scholarship Fund, 700 W. Norris St., El Campo, TX 77437.


Susan Biskup

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