Editor, the Leader-News:

In my opinion America would be quite different under Democratic leadership.

They have no respect for the constitution. In the mind of a Democrat, you are guilty until proven innocent.

Just look at the Democratic run so-called impeachment process of Trump.

The Republicans and Trump are refused the right to question witnesses, call witnesses on their behalf, see documents or present documents and everything is done behind closed doors in secret.

I don’t know why Dems want to impeach Trump and put him in jail because now in their latest brainstorm they want to abolish prisons. They say prisons are racist and imply slavery.

So in a Democratic-controlled America, criminals would run wild.

The Dems would then want to take your guns so you couldn’t defend yourself against the criminals.

If you were injured in an assault, chances are you wouldn’t be able to receive treatment at a hospital because it would be over-crowded with illegal aliens that the Dems want to give free health-care to.

Then they want illegals to also receive welfare benefits.

So your taxes will sky-rocket to help the Dems pay for all this insanity.

If you manage to save a little money, don’t plan on having a party and a cook-out in your backyard because there won’t be any cows to supply the meat.

Welcome to a Democratic-controlled America. And I mean controlled!

Earl Yackel

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