Editor, the Leader-News:

America was started by a revolution. Citizens refused to live under the government tyranny of England. Current politicians seem to have forgotten they work “for the people.”

So far Democratic Socialist officials have closed schools, shutdown small businesses, ordered churches to halt worship, mandated mask wearing and demanded people remain in their homes. Sound like socialism yet? I’m afraid it’s going to get much worse.

The Democratic-controlled House and speaker Pelosi have recently banned the use of the words “mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, husband and wife.” Then if you end a prayer with AMEN you must follow it with A-WOMEN. If you agree with this insanity you are A-MORAN.

What’s next, press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, 3 for Chinese or 4 for Arabic? The “swamp” just got re-filled! The everyday American wants to work a five-day week and have weekends to be free to enjoy their families and friends. They want equal justice and fair elections.

High ranking Dems have dodged prosecution for lying to Congress, leaking classified info and making false accusations. Even “Beijing” Biden was caught on tape blackmailing an official from Ukraine. No charges have been filed against any of these people. If the Dems have nothing to hide they also should be demanding investigations into 2020 voter fraud allegations. Dems treat laws and rules as mere suggestions. Dems are now wanting any Congressman or Senator that supported Trump to be removed from office. They are also trying to impeach Trump once again.

All Republicans need to learn to fight for the voters that supported them. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat! The true Republicans will speak-up and fight for America, the RINO’s will scatter like quail and need to be voted out. In my opinion the current danger to America isn’t with the Dems and the lying media. It’s with the citizenry that trust these individuals to run their government and tell them the truth. As the old saying goes “Who is the bigger fool? The fool or the fool that follows him?”

I hope America wakes-up in 2024 and votes these lunatics out of office. Hopefully. the election system won’t be rigged beyond repair and the country too far gone to recover by that time.

America was a prosperous country under Trump. Like him or not. In my opinion, true Americans will not accept socialism, the loss of their freedoms and being treated unfairly. Too many veterans gave their lives to keep socialism out of America. Now the Dems want to introduce it to America from within. Is another revolution or civil war coming? I hope not. But I don’t believe true Americans want the USA to become the SSA (Socialist States of America) 

Please pray for our country while you are still allowed to do so.


Earl Yackel


Editor’s note: Letters to the Editor are the opinions of the writer.

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