Editor, the Leader-News:


After reading the paper on Jan. 30, 2021, I felt the need to address some issues that were mentioned in the paper. First off, there was never any mention about temporarily suspending operations for two to three weeks. Secondly, no one ever came and asked Georgia Mae’s not to park there. I found out that Victor’s Tacos had been asked to move when I came to City Hall on Sept. 14, 2020.

After finding out he was asked to move, I told them that if Victor’s wasn’t welcome Georgia Maes wouldn’t park there either. The person who was supposed to contact Georgia Mae’s about no longer parking there stated to me that she refused to do so because she was not in agreement with it.

From the very beginning it was stated that they were not intending to do anything to hurt Georgia Mae’s and were not going to take any action. But action WAS taken by asking Victor’s to move after receiving that one complaint from “a friend” of someone in leadership who owned a local restaurant.

What I’m really taking offense to is this same person who received this complaint and felt it was agenda worthy is telling me “that I should not be angry because nothing was really done and that Georgia Mae’s is only doing this for publicity.” 

Georgia Mae’s has tried to remain respectful and not name names. We’re starting to think that maybe we should call them and their friends out by name because maybe they need the publicity. 

We at Georgia Mae’s would like to think that our food is all the publicity that we need. When you make a decision to do something because your friend feels food trucks are hurting his business and you decide to attempt to make changes for food trucks that tells me that your care and concern is more for your friend than the community as a whole. Aren’t all food establishments paying sales taxes?

The late Rosa Parks stated, “you must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.” I stood up for what I thought was right because it could have potentially effected Georgia Mae’s. Here at Georgia Mae’s, we will continue to stand for right, even if we have to stand by ourselves!


Charlotte Brown

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