Does it make me a grump to say it just doesn’t feel like the holiday season?

It’s not that I’m against the concepts – spreading good cheer, visiting family and friends, giving and receiving presents and the whole bit – sounds pretty good to me.

The problem is that my internal clock seems to be stuck on September – Sept. 9, to be precise. Why? I’ve no blooming idea. I actually like Christmas and can’t think of any reason whatsoever that Sept. 9 has any special meaning for me.

Can an internal clock break? Or can it just get stuck for a little bit and then re-align and go about its merry ticking way?

Why do I think going to ye ole’ watch repairman is going to be absolutely no help in this endeavor?

“Ummm, excuse me, sir, I’ve got a timepiece that needs fixin.’ Where? Well, I’m not real sure where we store those sorts of things. Could be somewhere between my ears or down in the little toe on my left foot.”

I’m certain that would go over real well. Aren’t you?

There are movies, of course, about folks being literally stuck on the same day, cursed to repeat it until they get something right, a task or a change in attitude.

My days, however, keep marching along, ticking their way off the calendar pages with a whole wide range of actions some good, some bad, none worthy of stopping time in its tracks.

The city and its residents have been hard at work too making sure the community shows the holiday spirit.

Drive down a few of the neighborhood streets and you’ll see homes lit up more than a control panel at NASA during the middle of a disaster drill.

Evans Park is nice and festive again this year. Businesses have painted murals on their large plate glass windows. Decorations hang from street lights.

Sept. 9?

Well, it’s the day in 1776 that congress renamed the United Colonies to the United States of America.

The first plate glass photograph was taken on Sept. 9, 1839, paving the way for all those famous and infamous family Christmas pictures – and probably all those funny cat videos on the Internet too.

California became a state on Sept. 9, 1850, but most folks are still trying to decide whether that’s a good thing or bad.

The National Broadcasting Company aka NBC television formed Sept. 9, 1926 and the first laugh track is used on television in 1950 on that day.

In my personal life, I can think of absolutely no reason. It’s not somebody’s birthday, anniversary, the date of some relative’s triumph or defeat.

It’s just a day.

And, maybe, just maybe, that’s what makes it special. There are not a whole lot of expectations surrounding good old Sept. 9, almost like a Saturday without any major plans.

That certainly makes it a far, far cry from the holidays where it seems like the list of plans made for us are far too long to keep track of on any given day.

Ho, ho, ho – have you gotten to the Smith’s party yet, what about the Jones’? Are all the presents bought? The decorations put out? Who’s doing the cookin’? What about the grocery shopping?

And, for most, where is the gathering going to be? For the few, wonder if anyone will remember me on Christmas?

That frantic, generally happy, time is just seven days away.

In the meantime, Happy Sept. 9 to everyone, everywhere.

Why? beats me.




– Shannon Crabtree is editor & publisher of the El Campo Leader-News.

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