Shannon Crabtree

A foot of snow in December. Ice in October. Both right here in El Campo. Those are my predictions in the family-friendly game everyone can play called “What’s going to happen next in 2020?”

Good news, folks. There are no required pieces to this ever-changing game, although having something to write your predictions down on allows you to keep score.

Remember: Plague, drought, government shutdown, stay home for a month, stuck with the kids for months, school superintendent and police chief leaving, school campus lockdowns (before the whole complete campus closures), pending El Campo rail park gets tenant, lines around the side of the grocery store, celebrating finding a roll of toilet paper on a store shelf, being banned from visiting nursing homes, the Wharton County Youth Fair being canceled, a panty factory converting to making face masks, a state order to wear a face mask inside all businesses, high school children “taking a knee” for the National Anthem at an El Campo football game, a nationwide coin shortage, Americans being banned from traveling to European nations, a star in the sky going missing, murder hornets and a monkey stealing COVID samples are already taken.

No points for any of those or anything else that has already happened that managed to slip my mind during this crazy year.

This week it’s a storm – literally the weather – that has captured everyone’s attention.

Next week? Perhaps fog-immune mosquitoes being discovered (No points for the effort to introduce sterile male mosquitoes in some areas in an attempt to reduce breeding in the first place. Yep, that’s actually a thing).

Or, maybe the government will decide what we need are gas masks rather than little cloth things. It’s happened before in other countries.

How about the discovery of some new little critter that explains why exactly elephants get skittish around mice?

Or, perhaps a mouse/rat the size of a small pony living in a New York underground sewer?

Will the Yeti finally be proven to exist? Maybe the first one’s name really will be Darrell.

Sure, some of that list sounds more than a little silly – including part of the list “Already Happened.”

I don’t know about you, but I get told on a regular basis, “You never know what will happen next.”

This year surely proves that the only correct answer is “Sure ‘nuff.”

So if you happen to see what looks an awful lot like a penguin waddling through the streets of El Campo next week, just say howdy and give it a bit of fish.

It’s probably just as confused as you are.

Write down your guesses. There’s bragging rights on the line. And, likely, one heck of a story.


– Shannon Crabtree is editor & publisher of the El Campo Leader-News.

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