Editor, the Leader-News:

The Louise Branch Library would like to thank our wonderful community that has continuously supported our 2020 summer activities. This year the library had 33 sponsors who have graciously donated money and/or reading prizes toward our summer activities.

With these donations, the library was able to have this summer four come-and-go arts and crafts programs, four virtual programs and 10 virtual teen programs with an attendance of 719 children, watching virtual programs or coming by the library and picking up their arts and craft projects.

This summer 75 young patrons’ ages 6 months to 18 years enrolled in our reading clubs with 57 receiving prizes from our generous sponsors.

In our adult reading club ages 19 to 99 + years, we had 52 sign up and 39 completed their reading requirements and received a prize and their name in a drawing for extra prizes.

I will like also like to express our thanks to all who spread the word of our summer activities. To El Campo Leader-News and KULP, thank you for enlightening the public and encouraging them to visit our library.

A big thank you goes out to Kashara Bell with the Wharton County Extension Agent for the Prairie View and A&M University Cooperative Extension Program for her dedication to our young adult virtual programs this year.

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents that brought their children or grandchildren to the library to check out books. This year was a rough summer, but it was a pleasure to see lot of the children coming to library and getting books.

Thank you for supporting your local library and the youth in our community.


Jessie Gonzalez

Branch manager

Louise Branch Library

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