Editor, the Leader-News:

In my opinion after six months in control the Democratic (party) has done nothing to benefit Americans. They have allowed Russia to finish the pipeline in Europe while halting the Keystone pipeline and raising gas prices. They’ve done nothing to China for releasing the Wuhan virus. Our southern border isn’t a disaster, it’s an invasion which the Dems welcome.

Crime is at record levels in Democratic run cities. Some Democrats actually say “the way to stop crime is to stop building jails and prisons.” More of these (people) actually want the police to stop carrying guns. The Dems attach the letters ISM to everything. Someone please tell me the definition of these phrases “woke-ism, racism, equity and white supremacy.” They have turned our colleges, universities and schools into places of political and racist ideology. To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, “if we are not careful our colleges and schools will produce a group of close-minded, unscientific, illogical propagandist consumed with immoral acts. Be careful people! Be careful teachers!” A very wise man.

In my opinion if universities deny free speech to conservative students, they should lose all government funding. Teaching critical race theory has no place in our schools. Dems always blame guns. We don’t need more gun control, we need criminal control. We need prosecutors to put violent criminals in jail and Democrats to leave them there. The Dems are doing their best to further divide America every chance they get. Their only agenda is to blame everything on racism. “Cackling” Kamala Harris was booed out of Central America because they didn’t want the Dems ideology in their countries.

In my opinion Biden and Harris are “post turtles” What’s that you say? It’s a turtle that’s balanced on top of a fence post. You know it didn’t get there by itself. It doesn’t belong up there. It doesn’t know what to do while it’s up there and it’s elevated beyond its ability to function. And it makes you wonder who put it up there to begin with? Also makes you wonder who’s really running the country?

Earl Yackel

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