Editor, the Leader-News:


After reading about the incident at her (District 1 Councilperson Anisa Longoria Vasquez’) home recently - my opinion?

She has to go!

The officers requested and then demanded she lower the volume of the music after midnight.  There were several complaints from her neighbors (people who elected her) and she didn’t think of them - just herself. 

She exclaimed that she was a “councilperson” and not subject to the officer’s orders.

Does she stop at stop lights or signs?  Does she liter?  What rules does she consider that apply to her?

Then when arrested - her guests started yelling at the officers.

Did she stop them?

For keeping their composure the officers are to be commended.

But Ms. Vasquez needs to go! She is setting a really bad example for the rest of El Campo.

Mike Wagner

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